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Hellocos was founded in 2015 by a group of similar minded friends that has a passion for everything Korean beauty and skincare. When shopping online, they quickly realized that finding affordable, reliable, and convenient sources for their K-beauty needs was often times quite difficult. Being the impatient and frugal people that they are, they were not willing to wait two weeks for shipping from South Korea, nor were they willing to pay the ridiculous markup from international sellers. This was a problem that they realized had to be fixed. They wanted a trustworthy, reliable and affordable source where they can find the products they need each and every time.

They embarked on their journey at starting Hellcos.com. After numerous long, international flights to South Korea, countless late night conference calls, and endless all-nighters, our group of passionate k-beauty junkies was able to turn their hobby and interest into the ultimate Korean skincare and cosmetic haven.

Here at Hellocos, we are truly passionate about our skincare and want to share our experiences and awesome products with you. We believe that finding a product that fits your needs and personality should be fun, easy, and rewarding. We pride ourselves in our genuine business practices and our superior customer experience. So let us take you with us on our journey, as we continue to share in the beauty that is korean skincare and cosmetics.

Looking for a specific product to match your needs or just have any questions? Feel free to get in touch with one of our friendly team members and say, “hello!” at support@hellocos.com



South Korea has cemented itself as the beauty capital of the world. By innovating and staying on the forefront of beauty trends such as the popular BB cream, sheet mask, and cushion compact, Korean cosmetics have helped to solidify their reputation globally within the beauty industry.

  • Affordability and Quality

Competition within any industry creates excellent benefits for consumers. With new brands and products coming out each year, competition amongst skincare brands is nothing short of fierce. It helps keep cost and prices low without ever having to sacrifice quality and effectiveness.

  • Innovation

Just like Korea’s booming tech market, South Korea’s beauty industry is on the leading-edge of technology and innovation. By blending ancient Asian beauty secrets with modern advancements in research and development, Korean cosmetics combine some of the most innovative designs and formulations to create the best in beauty. Featuring some of the most unique skincare ingredients such as snail mucin cream and fermented skincare components, South Korea is a leading pioneer of innovation and advancement in cosmetics.

  • Natural Ingredients

As the world continues to be flooded with harmful chemicals and ingredients, consumers are now more aware and conscious when it comes to shopping for products – especially products they are ingesting or putting on their bodies. With traditions in natural remedies and cures, Korean skincare has adopted this natural approach and strays from harsh chemicals. Instead, the Korean beauty trend chooses to focus on more natural ingredients for treatment.

  • Design

With so many different brands out in the world today, shopping for the perfect item to include in your skincare regimen might be a daunting and overwhelming task. There’s no mistaking a Korean skincare item from the rest. With some of the cutest and aesthetically-pleasing packaging to the eye, using a Korean skincare item will surely brighten up your day and show off your personality. From adorably cute to elegantly sophisticated, there’s sure to be an item that appeals to any age group.