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Hellocos - 6 Weirdly Popular Ingredients in Korean Cosmetics


With the broadening popularity of cosmetics, particularly Asian cosmetics, knowing what to look for in skin care products may be a daunting task. Everyone has different skincare needs and preferences, so the problem is maybe there’s just too many products to choose from. You hear about all these products with miracle ingredients and wonder if they actually work. Well, here are some tips to help you figure out what all the fuss is about.


Hyaluronic Acid- Don’t be fooled by the “acid” in the name. Hyaluronic acid, among other things, is most notably a natural and powerful moisturizer. It has an excellent ability to retain moisture- 1000 times its weight in water- and therefore, can act as a great source of deep hydration. Unfortunately, as we age, we lose the moisture in our skin, which leads to decreased skin elasticity and an increase in wrinkles/aging (cue internal screaming). But, don’t panic yet because hyaluronic acid is powerful enough to penetrate the skin to lock in moisture and create a protective layer to aid in skin hydration and repair. Whew!


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Snail Mucin- As gross as it sounds, snail secretion filtrate may actually have great benefits for your skin and even has various studies that indicate positive implications for snail in skin care. Surprisingly, snail mucin packs a sizeable punch as it is full of antioxidants, proteins, elastin, anti-inflammatories, and aids in skin/wound healing and recovery. With its powerful ability in skin regeneration, snail mucin is also great at reducing acne scarring and treating wrinkles. No wonder celebrities like Katie Holmes have even jumped on the snail bandwagon!


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Honey- Bee-lieve it or not, honey has excellent uses in beauty and skin care (other than tasting delicious, of course). As a powerful humectant, meaning it can absorb and retain moisture, honey is great for skin hydration and preventing dryness. Furthermore, it’s a natural antioxidant and has antimicrobial properties, making it ideal for acne treatments and wound healing (a little honey for that boo boo!). Not to mention, it’s also a great cleansing agent, a natural skin protectant, and promoter of soft and supple skin.


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Wine- I’m sure you’ve heard that drinking a little wine is healthy, but have you heard about how wine can be good on your skin, too? Rich in antioxidants such as resveratrol and tannins, red wine works wonders in tackling unwanted wrinkles and lines, and even helps in boosting collagen and skin elasticity. Wine also contains natural AHAs and has anti-inflammatory properties, which help against acne/blemishes and provide sebum and pore care. Raise a glass for clear, bright skin!


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Placenta- While the thought is cringe-inducing, placenta is actually high in nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, and enzymes that encourage healthy skin. As weird as it sounds, placenta is beneficial in reducing lines and wrinkles and help promote firm, elastic skin. Not only does it moisturize the skin, but it’s also effective in treating acne as well! However, if you’re not convinced enough to get placenta facials like Victoria Beckham or Simon Cowell, there are, thankfully, other alternatives to get that beautiful scowl.

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Egg- Whether it’s scrambled, sunny-side up, over easy, and so on, eggs are an incredibly versatile food ingredient. Now we can add skin care to its impressive food resume as well! Containing nutrients, collagen, vitamins, and proteins such as amino acids, egg extracts (white/albumen and yolk) make egg-cellent cleansers and can aid in improving skin tone and texture. It’s a wonderful ingredient for tightening the skin, reducing lines/wrinkles, and helping maintain skin elasticity. In addition, it also helps remove and regulate excess oil production while promoting skin healing and regeneration.


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