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Posted by Beauty Staff

The weather is starting to heat up! Make sure you show your skin some extra love this summer by using something that will be sure to revitalize, refresh, and recharge your skin after being in the sun's harmful rays. These are a couple of our summer time picks that's unique, luscious and light enough to keep your skin feeling ultra fresh all season long!
The Mizon Vita Lemon Sparkling Pack is absolutely perfect for the days when the heat is just sweltering. This sparkling pack is made to refresh and revitalize your skin. Designed to bubble and fizz, this sparkling pack removes dirt, debris, and dead skin cells leaving your skin feeling lemony clean and refreshed!
Unique and light in it's texture, the Vita Lemon Sparkling pack is bubbly, fizzy, light, smooth, and lemony that leaves your skin feeling clean, refreshed, moisturized and glowing. When the days are hot, your face produces extra oils and sweat. Dirt and grime begins to be trapped within your pores. However, this sparkling pack features kaolin clay that is known for its cleansing properties, carbonic bubbles, and vitamin-packed lemon extract for a nutritious and deep clean.  It's the perfect pack for your skin on those hot summer days. Try it out! We are sure it'll leave you refreshed like a cold glass of lemonade on those scorching days!  
We recommend to use consistently to revitalize tired, damaged and rough skin. This sparkling pack is known to be great in brightening complexion and skin tones, leaving your skin feeling healthy, refreshed and revitalized. 
We know... cocktails, limes and relaxing at the beach kind of go hand-in-hand during the summer season. It's the perfect combination to relax and recharge during the hot season. But The Enjoy Fresh-On Time Revital Lime Mask by Mizon just might be what your skin needs to relax and recharge during the sizzling heat as well.
One of our personal favorite masks to use during the summer is the 
 Enjoy Fresh-On Time Revital Lime Mask which is full of rich nutrients and vitamins that provide ample amounts of nourishment when your skin needs a little extra bit of love from all of the sun's harmful rays. The lime extract is full of Vitamin C which helps with skin clarity helping skin to look more translucent and brighter. Contains transparent ganules that will give you a fresh sensation. Also, doesn't hurt that this mask has a soothing lime scent! Where a mask, a grab some limes to go with that cocktail. We're sure you'll love it!