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Posted by Beauty Staff

Top Beauty Products For Mother's Day Gifts!

Let’s face it, your mom is the only one patient enough to put up with you and the only one in the universe to wholeheartedly believe you are the most wonderful person on the planet. Although nothing can even come close to matching that kind of unconditional love, it’s always nice to give her a token of appreciation to remind her that you’re thinking of her. So, why not treat her with a beauty product or two to revitalize her skin back to a gorgeous complexion? After all, it couldn’t have been easy on her skin when she’s busy (undoubtedly) dealing with you and your shenanigans. Here’s some beauty items your mom is bound to love!



Dr.Jart+ Time Returning Cream: The Time Returning Cream by Dr. Jart+ is a cream perfect for mothers and those who want to restore their skin back to the firm and beautiful complexion of their youths. This anti-aging cream boasts 77% of snail secretion filtrate that’s beneficial for skin regeneration and recovery. Also containing chondroitin, it provides anti-wrinkle care and encourages skin elasticity and firmness. Not to mention, this cream is also excellent for providing plenty of hydration and nourishment for improved skin health. It’s the ultimate cream for your superhero mother!

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TONYMOLY Intense Care Snail Hydro-gel Mask: Give your mother the best spa facial treatment right at the comforts of home! This facial hydro-gel mask is formulated to provide your skin with the ultimate skin care. It contains snail secretion filtrate that’s excellent for skin rejuvenation and recovery for an exceptional boost of skin vitality. It’s deeply moisturizing and aids in improving the skin’s hydration barrier while feeding your skin ample nourishment. This gentle face mask is designed to brighten and soothe, and will leave your skin feeling incredibly refreshed and plump with moisture.

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Skinfood Royal Honey Hydro Cream: Packaged in a sturdy glass jar, this hydrating treatment cream by Skinfood contains star ingredients such as royal black honey and royal jelly extracts that work great in replenishing moisture and transforming skin for a beautiful complexion. Thanks to all the enriched nutrients in royal black honey, your skin will feel refreshingly hydrated and smooth. It certainly is delicious food for the skin!

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Mizon Collagen Power Firming Eye Cream: Mizon’s gentle, regenerative collagen eye cream is an ideal candidate for those desperately searching for an eye cream. This cream utilizes concentrated collagen as well as organic oils and nutrients like adenosine to provide the delicate skin around your eyes much needed tender love and care. It helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lifts the skin while also encouraging skin regeneration and elasticity so that you can enjoy soft, moisturized, and revitalized skin. Your mother won’t be able to believe her eyes!

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Holika Holika Wine Therapy Sleeping Mask: If you’re planning on treating your mum to a classy wine tasting getaway, why not also gift her with Holika Holika’s Wine Therapy Sleeping mask- Red Wine to match? Not only does it come encased in a fun, glass wine barrel, but it’s also a sleeping mask that works by tackling anti-aging issues all the while you snooze. Containing ingredients like polyphenol, this night pack boosts skin resilience, helps remove skin wastes, and encourages skin health so that you can wake up to soft, elastic skin in the morning!

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Mizon Peptide 500: For when your mother wants that extra oomph for her skin, have her try this product from Mizon’s ampoule line. This light ampoule addresses those annoying, unwanted signs of aging by helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Thanks to ingredients like elastin, collagen, hyaluronic acid, and comprised of 45% of enriched peptides, this ampoule deeply hydrates and promotes skin firming and elasticity so that you end up with smooth, supple skin. It’s also ideal for all skin types!

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TONYMOLY Intense Care Galactomyces Lite Essence: Made up of an impressive 96.5% of pure galactomyces ferment filtrate or yeast extract, this boosting essence is the ultimate skin revitalizer. As it quickly absorbs into the skin, this essence smoothens, balances, and strengthens the skin foundation so that rough, dull skin is transformed into resilient and smooth skin. Not only is it gentle enough for all skin types, but it also helps promote skin health, resulting in improved texture and complexion. With such refreshed and brightened skin, your mother will constantly be mistaken for an older sister!

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