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Posted by Beauty Staff

Introducing the Dear by Enprani line! With it's highly unique and innovative ingredients, the Dear line has quickly become extremely well-received and well-reviewed by consumers and skincare enthusiasts(I'm hooked on this line and love to recommend it to just about everyone)! I love it so much that I even got my mom hooked on the Bounce Cheese Cream. Let's dive in to a few of my favorite products from the line to find out what makes these some of my personal favs! 

The Moistfull Booskin has quickly become my go-to toner. Most western toners are known for balancing pH in the skin and stripping away excess oils. This is perfectly fine, however, sometimes it strips away a little too much and leaves your skin feeling dry and rough. We all know that not adding enough hydration to your skincare routine leaves your skin looking dull, aged and leads to excess wrinkles. Well, the recent trend in "boosting" toners does exactly the opposite. Rather than take away, this toner adds an additional layer of hydration. And boy, does it hydrate! Featuring hyaluronic acid, this toner is packed with almost double the hydration from other toners. It's quick to be absorbed and leaves my skin feeling hydrated, refreshed and soft. It's totally awesome and my skin just drinks this up! 

Check Out: Dear by Enprani Moistfull Booskin


I'm typically not too keen on super thick creams as I don't like the sticky after feeling. And be forewarned, this cream is thick, and I mean thick. But I can't argue with the results (This is one of my mom's favorite creams)! The Bounce Cheese Cream has the texture and feel of gooey mozzarella cheese-- kind of like taking a bite out of your favorite slice of pizza or biting into a mozzarella stick. It features an unique formula blend of cream cheese that's super rich in proteins. If you were wondering, no, it does not smell like cheese rather it has a light and pleasant scent. The protein is mostly made of whey which is a natural protein that promotes and boosts the skin's natural firmness and elasticity. It gets absorbed fairly quickly and leaves the skin feeling firm and hydrated. It also minimizes and tightens the appearance of pores leaving a smooth, soft, after-effect. After using it for a couple of weeks, my skin looked and felt great! Try it for yourself to see what this cream gets such high praise for it's moisturizing and anti-aging properties!

Check Out: Dear by Enprani Bounce Cheese Cream

Looking for a multi-functional foundation? The Dear by Enprani Fondant Cheese Foundation offers excellent coverage, sun protection and nourishing benefits for the skin, making it a perfect pick for someone who's always on-the-go in the morning. The foundation offers medium to full coverage doing an excellent job in hiding blemishes and evening out complexion. It offers SPF30, and is rich in vitamins and proteins which is derived from cheese, that helps firm and tighten the skin's natural elasticity. This is a no-brainer as the foundation offers great coverage and helps nourish the skin while also offering protection from external elements! 

Check Out: Dear by Enprani Fondant Cheese Foundation