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Posted by Beauty Staff

Ahh springtime is finally here and with it comes a variety of fun colors and trends to go with the season! Despite all the allergies and sweaty spring cleaning, you should always look good, right? This time of the year is the perfect time to showcase all the soft, warm, and flowery colors that you can wear from head to toe to match the season. In addition to the usual spring looks, more and more colorful makeup trends have been blooming so you can look as fresh and vibrant as the sprouting flowers. Let’s take a look!


Nude/Natural Look

If you’re not usually in the habit of wearing a lot of bright or heavy makeup, you’re in luck because nude or natural makeup is a classic look for spring and thankfully, doesn’t take much to create! For an overall natural looking face, try out Dr. Jart+’s Premium Beauty Balm. This multifunctional BB cream moisturizes, corrects skin tone, and provides UV protection for a great combination of makeup and skincare. It has excellent coverage that blends evenly onto your skin and leaves you with a smooth flawless complexion. It’s great for under makeup or set it with a light powder and you’re done!

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Gold/Peach Tones

Gold and peach tones are among the more fashionable shades to wear for the season! They provide a soft, warm splash of color that looks gorgeous without appearing overly flashy. For this look, try Too Cool for School’s Dinoplatz Eyeshadow on Flatiron #2 Peach Gold to get an effortless shimmery sweep of these shades across your eyes. Packaged in a handy little tube, this water-jelly textured cream eyeshadow applies easily without clumping or crease lines while moisturizing at the same time. Alternatively, Banila Co.’s Quad Eye Palette Shadow- Lumiere eyeshadow palette offers four different shades of glittery, smooth, soft-focus finishing powder, including gold and peach shades, to emphasize your eyes. It will make you look and feel just peachy!

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Vibrant Eyes

Prominent (particularly blue) eyes are becoming an increasingly popular spring trend these days, so for those of you bold enough to venture outside of the typical black or brown, try brightening up your eyes with a different color! It’s bound to make your eyes pop. For this burst of hue, try Clio’s Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner #8 Chic Navy to line your eyes (you can even apply on your eyelids to use as eyeshadow, too). It may not look as weird as you’d think. This glittery waterproof eyeliner glides on smoothly for an easy application and resists smudging so that your eyes stay perfect all day. Or perhaps the #2 Jade Green shade may better fit your tastes? Keep your eyes looking as vibrant as the flowers!

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Bright Lips

As of late, spring styles have broadened from the typical nude/natural look to bolder, brighter makeup and lips are no exception. Bright lips are starting to catch on for the spring and summer seasons and it’s a great opportunity to show off those kissable lips. Drying with a semi-matte, velvety finish, Peripera Peri’s Cushion Lips are perfect for satisfying your lip needs. This moisturizing liquid lipstick is light on the lips yet richly pigmented for a brilliant burst of color on your lips. Let your vibrant lips do all the loud talking!

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Rosy Cheeks

Don’t forget to finish up your look by adding a touch of color to your cheeks! For a simple blusher that gives a natural flush to your face, try Peripera’s Cushion Blusher to pat some color onto your cheeks. Packaged with a cushion applicator tip, this enriched liquid blusher applies easily and blends effortlessly onto your skin while vitamins and extracts provide moisturizing skincare. It also has buildable coverage so you can control the intensity of the shade to your preference. Its subtle tones will keep your face looking fresh and natural with a rosy glow to your cheeks.

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