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Posted by Beauty Staff

If you go to any big box retailer, you will quickly notice Korean-inspired bb creams, and sheet masks fully stocked on every shelf. These beauty essentials are quickly becoming a staple in every women's skincare routine world wide. That's why we all know that when it comes to current innovation in skincare, there's one place to turn to nowadays-- South Korea. 

Fermented skincare is now the latest and hottest development in skincare in South Korea. Although, it's beginning to be adopted by many skincare companies worldwide,   fermented skincare hasn't hit the mainstream masses just yet in the US, however, we do know that whatever is trending there, will surely be what's trending here in the next few months. 

Now before you start thinking that this is just another beauty trend and fad; hear me out. Koreans are well-known for their traditional fermented side dish made of vegetables and a variety of seasonings-- kimchi. Kimchi, along with other fermented foods, has recently been coined the term, "superfood," in which the fermentation process has been proven to be extremely beneficial to the human body and the digestive tract. The natural fermentation process is a process that creates "good bacteria" that helps flush out toxins and also boosts the nutritional value of the food. 

Korean skincare companies has taken this same concept, readjusted the fermentation process for the epidermis rather than the digestive system, and applied the formula to their skincare.  



The fermented yeast will naturally secrete enzymes that form amino acids, vitamins and anti-oxidants through the fermentation process. Thereby enhancing the effectiveness of the active ingredients. Galactomyces is a natural yeast that is used to brew alcoholic beverages. The fermentation of galactomyces results in higher concentration of potency in active ingredients while minimizing preservatives so it's perfect for someone who has dry or sensitive skin.

Ultimately, having something that is gentle and effective when treating dryness, wrinkles, and complexion issues. It has been credited to addressing many skin concerns including acne, oily skin, wrinkles, elasticity and uneven skin tones.

The TonyMoly Intense Care First and Lite Essence is one of my favorite essences because it boasts one of the highest active concentration of galactomyces fermented filtrate, while still being extremely affordable compared to it's counterparts.

TonyMoly Intense Care Galactomyces First Essence

At 94.5% galactomyces, this pure yeast booster is enriched with amino acids, vitamins and anti-oxidants that does wonders when it comes to revitalizing skin tone and texture. The amino acids help address fine lines and wrinkes, while the vitamins and anti-oxidants help even out my complexion and tone. With all it's glorious benefits and a rush of hydration, it provides enough moisture that it's my go-to essence for my all-in-one essence.

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TonyMoly Intense Care Galactomyces Lite Essence

The Lite essence has a higher concentration than the first essence at a whopping 96.5% galactomyces fermented filtrate. You're not going to get much better bang for buck than this essence. However, with the higher concentration of galactomyces, it's a bit less hydrating than the first essence. We would recommend using the lite essence if you're layering this with serum or other moisturizers.  We wouldn't recommend using this essence by itself if you have extremely dry skin. But paired with a solid moisturizer, this essence is sure to pack a punch when bringing new life to your skin.

Check Out: TonyMoly Intense Care Galactomyces Lite Essence