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Posted by Beauty Staff

With Easter just this past Sunday, many of you participated in activities like dyeing eggs, going on egg hunts, and of course, it wouldn’t be a proper Easter without anything rabbit or bunny related. But, that doesn’t mean that our skin can’t join in on the festivities, too! Let's dive into some great spring skincare items! 

Thanks to their versatility, eggs are deliciously wonderful ingredients to fill our bellies. However, did you know that they’re also beneficial for your skin, too? As explained in a previous post, eggs are a great source of nutrients, collagen, vitamins, and proteins for your skin! Both egg whites and egg yolk work great as cleansers to help improve skin tone and texture. Moreover, they’re also beneficial for anti-aging care, sebum regulation, and can even encourage skin healing. They pack a serious punch!

So, in the spirit of spring, here are some beauty eggs to put in your basket. Let’s hop to it!

TONYMOLY Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm: It’s totally acceptable to get greedy for this golden egg in TONYMOLY’s Egg Pore line. What lays inside this gem of an egg is a soothing primer balm that ensures your makeup stays put all day long while providing skin care at the same time. Containing egg white and camellia extracts, this pleasantly scented balm tightens your skin, helps control sebum production, and reduces the appearance of pores and lines. As the balm fills in all your pores, it evens out your skin texture so you’re left with smooth, velvety-soft skin that’s irresistible to the touch.


Check Out: TONYMOLY Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm

TONYMOLY Shiny Skin Soap: Adorable and absolutely Easter-appropriate, TONYMOLY’s egg soap delivers quality skin and pore care for smooth and clarified skin. Thanks to ingredients like red clay, coconut oil, and egg white extracts, this soap helps to moisturize, nourish, whiten, and soothe your skin. Use the brightening white egg in the morning and the tightening brown egg for the evening. Not only do they lather quite nicely, but they’re also great for controlling sebum and removing skin wastes while purifying and refining skin texture. Plus, you can even use them as a pack, too. Its lovely scent and cute packaging will have you hopelessly addicted to using this!

Check Out: TONYMOLY Shiny Skin Soap

Holika Holika Egg Soap Special Set: Not to be confused with TONYMOLY’s egg soap, this egg set from Holika Holika, also similarly packaged, features four eggs all uniquely formulated for different purposes, almost like a sampler plate for your skin. The dark charcoal egg and white egg both provide excellent pore care, but whereas the white egg uses egg extracts to help smooth out skin and tighten pores, the charcoal egg utilizes charcoal to help absorb sebum and improve skin troubles. Additionally, the red clay egg helps remove skin wastes and impurities for clean, refreshed skin while the green tea egg is great for soothing, moisturizing, and smoothening the skin. You won’t need anything else!

Check Out: Holika Holika Egg Soap Special Set

TONYMOLY Pocket Bunny Moist Mist: This charming bunny-shaped mister is egg-cellent for a spritz whenever you’re feeling dry or if you’re just in need of a quick refresher. This lightly scented mist not only hydrates and helps restore the skin’s moisture balance, but it also contains fruit extracts to boost elasticity and soothe your skin. It’ll feel so good that you’ll be constantly reaching for this little cutie.

 Check Out: TONYMOLY Pocket Bunny Moist Mist

TONYMOLY Petite Bunny Gloss Bar: Insanely cute and conveniently sized, this creamy lip gloss bar is perfect for a touch of lip-smacking color for the holidays. Containing oils for a moisturizing punch, this bunny lip balm is perfect for adding just a subtle hint of color to your lips while showing off a nice, glossy sheen. Coming in a variety of colors and fruity scents to match, these gloss bars are a must-have item to carry around in your pocket!

 Check Out: TONYMOLY Petite Bunny Gloss Bar

MIZON Egg White Bubble Cleanser: This is a gentle cleanser rich in egg whites to clarify your skin as well as deliver much-needed pore care. It works to deeply cleanse out wastes from your skin and pores such as makeup, dirt, and oils so that you can get refreshingly clean and clear skin. Because it contains egg white extracts, this cleanser also helps to control sebum and blackheads while promoting skin elasticity. What’s more, it’s gentle enough for all skin types so make sure to save a spot for this next to your sink!

Check Out: MIZON Egg White Bubble Cleanser 

Too Cool for School Egg Cream Mask: If you’re a face mask fan, you need to chick this out. Too Cool for School’s egg mask features a unique facial mask sheet that moisturizes and nourishes for bright, firm skin. Containing egg white and egg yolk extracts, it’s the ultimate mask to clarify, moisturize, and revitalize rough, dull skin. Moreover, it’s also effective at cleansing and removing sebum and dead skin so that you will be left with a smooth and clear complexion. It’s a great and easy way to restore the radiance in your skin!

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Too Cool for School Egg Mousse Pack/Egg Mousse Soap Set: Get egg-cited because this duo set contains two different products for a double egg whammy. With fun mousse-like consistencies, the mousse pack and soap work brilliantly to nourish and moisturize your skin in order to restore its natural radiant glow. While the mousse pack is perfect for purifying and refining dull, rough skin, the facial soap provides a deep cleansing that removes impurities and residue to leave you feeling thoroughly refreshed. Smooth, beautiful skin is right at your fingertips!

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